Transporttage 2021: digital

About the meeting

The Transporttage is an annual meeting of scientists interested in physiology, pharmacology and structural biology of cell membrane channels and transporters. The Transporttage was originally organized by Prof. Gerhard Burckhardt in honor of Prof. Karl J. Ullrich, one of the pioneers of renal transport physiology and former director of the Max-Planck-Institute for Biophysics in Frankfurt. In the beginning, participants of this meeting were principally disciples of Prof. Ullrich. Nowadays, the meeting has extended to various groups actively working on transport physiology and pharmacology in and outside of Germany.

This year the meeting will be streamed on-line and will be organized by Mladen Tzvetkov, Stefan Oswald and Giuliano Ciarimboli. Depending on the Covid-19 incidence in the region we will consider also a hybrid (partially in presence partially on-line) organization.